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22/10/2012 Thème : Actualités Réseau/lobbying


16/10/2012 - A Study Tour to Leading Incubators & Innovation Centres - Only 5 seats left !


EBN & Taiwan SME Authority, in partnership with the Taiwan Globalization Network (TGN) and Chinese Business Incubation Association (CBIA) Invite you to join a unique study tour in Taiwan during the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), 13-18 November 2012. Read more

12/10/2012 - New Publication - EBN Technical Note #1 – Coworking: collaborative spaces for micro-entrepreneurs

This technical, the first of a series, co-created by EBN and Global Enterprise sheds some light on the coworking megatrend and is to support the BICs and incubators in determining how to best use and integrate the coworking experience.Read more

11/10/2012 - How green industries reshape the industrial landscape

ECOLINK+ on behalf of the Eco-IP platform and with the support of Reinhard Butikofer, Member of the European Parliament, will organise a conference on how European SMEs and start-up companies can benefit from this greening process of industries in Europe and beyond. Read more 


9/10/2012 - Are Spanish SMEs rescued from the bank crisis?


The rescue of the Spanish banks thanks to the European contribution of 100 000 million Euro has not generated optimism among business organisations nor Spanish companies. They do not rely on banks and do not believe that this European rescue will lead to the rescue of businesses. Alvaro Simon, newly elected EBN President and Chairman of ANCES, the Spanish National Association of BICs is confident on the medium term.Read more

8/10/2012 - ANPROTEC & EBN sign an agreement to foster cooperation in common areas of interest

The National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises in Brazil (ANPROTEC) and EBN will cooperate in several areas of common interest such as : the Soft landing Club initiative, the exchange of best practises and staff, the identification of joint R&D collaborative projects, joint testing of new methodologies and the co-incubation of selected new ventures. Read more


5/10/2012 - Official launch of KiiCS’ Art & Science incubation activities


The EU-project KiiCS’ incubation activities were officially launched on 28th September, in Naples: artists, creative people and scientists will work together on innovative ideas and help communicate science in new and creative ways. Read more

5/10/2012 - Alvaro Simon de Blas elected President of EBN


Joe Greaney officially handed over the presidency of EBN to Alvaro Simon on last 24 September in Brussels. After a two-year mandate during which he represented EBN at the highest levels with fervor and conviction, Joe Greaney, Director of WESTBIC in Ireland passed the baton to the first Spanish President in the history of EBN.Joe declared that he was particularly pleased with the health of the Association, the enhanced role of the Members in Applied Innovation and the Associations progress as a partner stakeholder in the policy areas that impact innovation and Regional job creation actions across the EU.In accepting his election as Chair of EBN and President of the Association, Alvaro paid tribute to Joe's Presidency which also saw the building of excellent relationships with other networks in the US, Brazil, Taiwan, China and elsewhere.

Alvaro Simon de Blas, Director of the BIC of Malaga - BIC Euronova and President of theNational Association of Spanish BICs (ANCES), takes over this new responsibility with enthusiasm and illusion, as he is fully aware of the  current need to continue developing more than ever environments which favour the creation of innovative businesses, as well as employment and wealth in Europe.

 "To bring entrepreneurs and business people to make their mark in other markets, look after collaboration or internationalization of their products and services, as well as get them involved in programmes and projects that could facilitate their business development are some of the challenges I will face as President of EBN, also concerned about the fully expansion of our network in East European countries and traditionally under-represented ones, such as Denmark, Germany or Norway”, declared Álvaro Simon, "with the firm intention to position the Spanish business landscape as a reference in Europe".


2/10/2012 - European University Enterprise Network (EUEN)- Get involved!


During the month of October the EUEN will identify established environments for university-business-student cooperation (e.g. incubators) and outline suitable projects for delivery by university students, who will be invited to participate and present their project results to business and university staff. Led by Coventry University, the EUEN team comprises seven Universities, six business partners and two specialist support institutions spread across seven European countries. Join us now! Read more

1/10/2012 - European Parliament - Presentation of RESCATAME Results in AIR Policy Intergroup Meeting 

Philippe Vanrie & Cédric Hananel presented the results of the RESCATAME project at the European Parliament Intergroup Meeting on Air Policy last Wednesday 26 September 2012. Read more